Strategic creativity

Digital concepts and design solutions focused on conversion rates and results.
Our creativity is based on solid strategy, careful analysis and 15 years in the trenches. Think of us as a strategic, creative partner.

What we do


Strategy is at the core of all our solutions – regardless of whether we’re dealing with design, user experience, campaigns or conversion optimization...

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Logo & identity

From logo and overall look n’ feel to the finished design guide. ADLIVE delivers on everything from small and simple assignments to complex projects...

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Concept development

From the initial idea to the final launch.
We can help you develop a winning multichannel concept with a solid strategy and an effective execution...

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Banners & landingpages

Online campaigns and landing pages built to convert traffic into customers – ADLIVE can help you ensure the highest ROI by streamlining the entire journey...

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Want a seamless user experience across devices and platforms? We have the experience and insight it takes to create a successful and high-converting responsive web presence...

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Conversion optimization

Online campaigns and landing pages built to convert traffic into customers – ADLIVE can help you ensure the highest ROI by streamlining the entire journey...

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Visual content

Everything from beautiful infographics professionally produced videos that boost awareness and sales.

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App Design

Creating a successful App is all about the prefect marriage between concept, user experience and design fitted to the target audience. ..

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Email templates

Need a new and improved newsletter template? We have years of experience designing and optimizing effective email templates...

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Who we do it for

We deliver results for a number of large businesses and organizations – both international and Danish brands are among our current and previous clients.

Danish Red Cross

Collaborating with Red Cross and getting the opportunity to create results that have the potential to save lives is a great honor for us.

We’ve worked with Danish Red Cross for quite some time now, and our assignments include: a persuasive redesign of their entire website, the transition to a new CMS, strategy workshops, responsive website optimization, new structure and user experience, as well as general advice and counseling.


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Abacus Medicine

Abacus Medicine provides affordable medicines and reduced healthcare costs.

Adlive designed the new logo, visual identity and design guidelines for the Abacus Medicine. In addition to this, we also designed and developed their website.

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L’EASY Business

ADLIVE has worked with L’EASY Business since 2010 and helped with most digital aspects of their business model.

ADLIVE assists L’EASY Business on multiple levels – ranging from strategy, concept development, and campaign execution to continuous optimization of websites and campaign pages.


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We’ve worked with L’EASY since 2010 and helped them with most digital aspects of their business model in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We assist L’EASY on multiple levels – from strategic sparring, concept development and campaign material in the form of banners and landing pages to continuous conversion optimization of various websites and campaign pages in the Scandinavian countries.


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DLI – Danish Pharmaceutical Information

We designed DLI’s logo, visual identity, and design guides as well as an optimized version of their logo. In addition to this, we also designed their medicine portal.

Working with an organization the size of DLI takes a lot of focus and determination in order to make everything come together in a greater synthesis. We have helped them with everything from overall identity and mock-ups, to new digital concepts all way over to apps like which was developed in close cooperation with their marketing and development department.


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We’ve worked with the client since 2011 on a multitude of different digital aspects of their business model.

We were the main partner and driving force behind a 2-year-long optimization project that resulted in a completely new, responsive e-commerce platform. In addition to this, we regularly deliver graphic campaign material, email templates, social media design as well as sparring on the more large-scale strategic decisions.


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We cooperate with D:E:R in developing their digital initiatives. We spend most of our time working on campaigns, website optimization and landing pages. But we play a role in most of their digital marketing and have helped them with promotional videos and social media design.


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THORN is D:E:R’s Norwegian and Swedish sister company. We help THORN with their digital campaigns in the form of banners, landing pages, website optimization, etc. We cover a large part of their Norwegian and Swedish initiatives in close collaboration with their other partners.


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LIF – Danish Pharmaceutical Industry Association  

LIF’s purpose is to promote the pharmaceutical industry’s interests both in Denmark and abroad; a challenging objective that requires clear and impactful communication.

We helped LIF design their overall identity, optimize the logo, and develop design guides for the entire organization including templates and color palates.


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Who we are

A small creative agency with lots of ambition
specialized in delivering results.

Founded in 2006 by designer and concept developer, Michael Lassen. We have extensive experience with everything from major projects involving large budgets and tight project plans to smaller projects that call for immediate action. ADLIVE draws upon a devoted team of freelancers and collaborators that includes some of the foremost thought leaders within the field of on- and offline marketing. This setup allows us to offer full-service solutions.

We offer everything from counseling to final solutions – our goal is to be a strategic, creative partner for our clients. Not just a provider. We are deeply involved in all projects and work hard to deliver the best results.


Michael Lassen